You love your pets, let me love them too.


I offer services in

  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Dog Behaviour Groups
  • Phone consultation & training program

Help is only a phone call away! I can provide you with a comprehensive training program, that will help assist you in re-training your dog to encourage and integrate positive behaviour.

  • Workshop in Child & Dog Safety

 I am currently developing a comprehensive educational program that aims to teach children of all ages about dog safety. This program will enable children to recognize certain different types of body language in dogs so they can grow in a safe and healthy environment. This program can be offered individually, in groups or within a school curriculum.

  • Dog walking

It's hard sometimes to be able to walk your dog due to a busy work and active lifestyle. I can walk & pick up your dog to take them for their daily walk so when you get home you are still able to spend quality and guilt free time with your furry friend.

  • Dog sitting

If you feel as though your dog gets lonely throughout the day, or your dog suffers from separation anxiety issues, I am available to keep your dog company and ensure they get their daily exercise, play and necessary stimulation to keep them happy, healthy and entertained.